Advantages to Choosing Oak for Your Skirting Board

Advantages to Choosing Oak for Your Skirting Board

The most important part of your home renovation plan is the skirting boards. While they may seem like a minor part of your renovation plan, they will have a significant impact on the style and appearance your home. Oak skirting boards offer many benefits.


Oak has always been and will continue to be a popular choice for home decoration or construction. It is strong enough to withstand any kind of punishment, even if you have small pets.


Oak can be a more affordable option than some other luxurious boards. Although oak skirting looks great with any look, including rustic, contemporary, and traditional, it will not break the bank.


As you’ll see, matching furniture with the correct floors, walls, decorative accents, etc. can be difficult. All of these decisions can make it difficult to design your home. This is why oak skirting boards are a good choice. They are versatile and won’t look outdated. It makes it easy to update the look of your space without having to replace your skirting boards.

Various Styles

There will be many styles available to you, which can make it difficult but not impossible. Ogee (also known as Bullnose), Chamfered, Victoriana and Round Edge are all popular choices. It is possible to have your style made according to your architect’s design.


You can have any style of oak skirting pre-finished, or unfinished. Pre-finishing your oak skirting boards with hardwax oils can help preserve the wood’s natural character, improve its durability, and make it water and dirt resistant. Unfinished skirting boards will allow you to stain and varnish them.

A good choice for interior design projects is oak skirting boards. They are timeless and resilient, and they won’t strain your budget. This decision is not oak skirting boards one you will regret. But, as you will soon find out, the possibilities are endless.