Google CEO Calls China Search Engine"an Experiment"

Google CEO Calls China Search Engine”an Experiment”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that the firm’s job to come up with an internet search engine for the Chinese economy was an”experimentation”. Speaking Pichai suggested that the job, codenamed Project Dragonfly, wasn’t to be published to the public domain west reports that stated the stage was on the road. China has among the most popular online censorship apps on the Earth, including Google, Facebook and Amazon one of the websites banned from the so-called”Great Firewall”. Google closed down its search engine in 2010 after government restrictions back in China. Project Dragonfly was revealed earlier this season but attracted criticism from employees and politicians alike, in addition to resistance from human rights activists. This included workers from Google’s parent firm Alphabet publishing an open letter criticizing Google because of its own work. The letter asserted that workers did not even know they had been involved in constructing a search engine as a lot of their job was completed in fragments.

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Google CEO Calls China Search Engine"an Experiment"

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