Perfect Space for the Use of Racks

Perfect Space for the Use of Racks

Storing a bicycle in a small apartment is a real problem especially when we do not have a basement, a cell, a utility room or garage at our disposal. Today’s post was created out of need. The cycling season is in full swing, and two bikes standing in the middle of a large room drive me crazy. Okay, they really stand against the wall, not in the middle, but they ARE. And really, very conspicuous. we began to doubt if the room in which the bike stands can look good, so we started looking for some sensible solution. Where to keep the bike in the apartment?

Make an arrangement of the bicycle

In many situations the bike hangs somewhere, but it is never a random place. Thanks to the thoughtful location, the bike becomes an intriguing element that attracts attention, not an obstacle. Some options look beautiful, but not in all cases, it convinces me. First of all: the bike is dirty and we can’t imagine washing it every time after returning from a ride, then “decorating” it with various objects / fancy to hang a scarf etc. etc. etc. The bike must first of all be easily accessible, it must be easily hung and remove from the rack. Another issue is the fact that usually such a display of the bicycle in small apartments may not have space. With a visit to you can find the best deal.

Integrate the bike with furniture

This is probably the most interesting option: The cabinet with recessed wheels or the entire wall construction for storing bicycles look really good, unfortunately there is not much of this type of furniture on the market. You would most likely have to order a special cabinet.

Stand on a stand

This is quite a good solution, especially when we have several bicycles in the apartment we can place them on a rack, one on top of the other. It looks so-so and requires developing a piece of empty wall. In Polish stores it is difficult to find such nice models as the second and third (I linked foreign stores under the pictures). Stand No. 1 is available on the website.